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With over 20 years of combined experience with completing restoration projects, our team relies on that experience to develop the next generation of restoration service experts working within our growing company. This development and always learning attitude allows the team at MREL Construction to develop the skills and expertise needed to work as a team to complete your project on time and as always on budget. With a team of certified professionals, our restoration experts have perfected the art of the trade providing you and your home or commercial space with the best restoration service in the Ottawa valley every single time.

We have established many quality control checks for our teams to work efficiently on project delivery and client communication. This allows us to keep on track with our high-quality standards that has been tried and true in our industry this also allows our restoration crews to focus 100% of their efforts on what they do best — bringing nothing but the highest qualities back to your home or commercial space.

Our 24-hour on-call fire emergency team provides the most reliable 24-hour emergency solution you can count on!. MREL Construction is here to work with you and your insurance company every step of the way.

We dispatch our emergency crews as soon as you call so there’s no waiting on hold to find an available technician. Responding immediately to your call is the most critical first step in preventing any potential secondary damages. With over 20years of combined experience with all of our certified field techs, MREL Construction’s fire, flood, smoke, wind, mold restoration team is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 Days a year.

Our certified technicians will immediately prepare an personalized on-site assessment of the damage caused with a clear attack plan to properly repair the damage. With our detailed analysis, we will deal with your insurance company directly and guide you through the remediation process and take care of the paperwork for you.

As one of the premier restoration companies serving the Ottawa valley, the team at MREL Construction is well equipped to provide the help you and your family need with any damage you may face. From dealing with full floods to fire damage, our team of experts will be able to restore and repair any damage left behind.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Smoke and fire damage can be some of the most difficult restoration projects to deal with in a home or commercial space, but when you need fire restoration services here in the valley, you can always count on the experts at MREL Construction. Our techs have been assisting homeowners and insurance companies for years and will be able to restore your home or commercial space back to its formal self.

General Construction and Restoration

Also being a licensed General contractor with our own in-house insurance claim experts theirs no middleman between you and the insurance company everything is identified to your adjuster with complete transparency, the team at MREL Construction has excelled at lending their expertise within various projects in and around Arnprior.

Water Damage Restoration

Water is never a good thing to deal with inside your home, if you or your insurance company need a team of certified professionals, you’re best to call the team at MREL Construction. We have been providing the Ottawa valley with professional restoration services for years, and with our team by your side, your home or commercial will be as good as new before you know it. Here are a few of our services that we are proud to offer:

  • Advanced moisture removal equipment
  • Professional water damage cleanup services
  • Testing for mould growth
  • Removal of damaged materials

What Is A Large Loss?

A large loss is loosely defined as a situation in which a large or substantial portion of the property has been damaged. Typically, these homes or properties have experienced tens of thousands of dollars of damage, in which any repairs or restoration will often be more complex and time consuming.

As a fully equipped general contractor, MREL Construction is uniquely set up to assist in what is considered a large or a total loss contracts for both homeowners and insurance companies. We have the expertise to complete these complex restoration services, and all with local trusted trades done in house we are your neighbours. Our team is optimally equipped to help you get your life back to normal.
The large loss is a complicated and often painful process to navigate for homeowners, and that is where MREL Construction comes in. Typically, a large loss contract will go out for bid among other restoration companies, and we can assist you in assessing and providing you and your insurance adjuster with the appropriate information needed for an informed decision.

For insurance adjusters, we can be your guys on the ground to ensure that from the very first call you know what is happening, and what to expect in the coming days.